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Gathering of material about December 2008

Whoever has in his disposal any material related to December 2008 (photographs, videos etc) he/she can send it to Micropolis’ email or bring it at the cafe during November, as a photograph exhibition about last year’s December is to be realised at Micropolis.

Sunday at Microtopos

On Sunday 29/11/09 13.00-17.00 there will be held activities in the frames of the Microtopos at Micropolis, which will include : theatrical play, creative activities, free play, eating, and a public discussion concerning the operation of the Microtopos and the organization of its activities.

25/11/09 Public meeting-Briefing about the Swine Flu

25/11/09 Public meeting-Briefing about the Swine Flu

On Wednesday 25/11/09 at 6.30pm there will be held at Micropolis a public meeting themed "The Swine Flu in a society that invests in Fear and consumes it".

Kleanthis Grivas (psychiatrist)

Stratis Plomaritis (dir. of the pathological clinic St. Paul)

Aleksandra Efthimiadou-Griva (special pathologist)

Organization: Antiauthoritarian Movement of Thessaloniki

23/11/09 Public assembly about December

The Antiauthoritarian Movement of Thessaloniki calls for a public assembly concerning our presence and action in the upcoming December, on Monday 23/11/09 at 8.00pm at Micropolis (Venizelou & Vas. Irakliou 18)