Solidarity with Emilio

Solidarity with Emilio

On January 18th, the social center Dordoni, in the city of Cremona, Italy, was attacked by 70 fascists (of the relative with Golden Dawn party, Casapound), from Cremona and other cities where they had gathered, on the occasion of a football match which was carried out in the city. The few people who were at the social center at that time, tried to confront the fascists and managed to turn them away, but they couldn't prevent the serious injury of the 49 years old comrade Emilio, a member of the social center and active in the anti-fascist movement for many years. The fascists, after beating him with iron bars on the head, they continued kicking him while he was lying on the ground, sending him into a coma in hospital.  His situation is still very critical, although he woke up from the coma. His face is damaged, he has lost an eye and one of his lungs is completely damaged.

After the attack, the police, as its usual tactic, based on simple ID control, allowed fascists to leave undisturbed, while violently attacked the antifascists, to ensure the safe departure of the former. Once again the police confirmed its brotherly relationship with the fascists, as they have also shown numerous incidents in Greece too.

As a social space for freedom, we can only stand in solidarity with the social space Dordoni, with comrade Emilio (who we hope to see soon again with us), and overall with the anti-fascist movement in Italy and throughout the world. Our practical and active participation in the struggle against fascism and the modern totalitarian state is the only road to social liberation.




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Gathering of material about December 2008

Whoever has in his disposal any material related to December 2008 (photographs, videos etc) he/she can send it to Micropolis’ email or bring it at the cafe during November, as a photograph exhibition about last year’s December is to be realised at Micropolis.

Sunday at Microtopos

On Sunday 29/11/09 13.00-17.00 there will be held activities in the frames of the Microtopos at Micropolis, which will include : theatrical play, creative activities, free play, eating, and a public discussion concerning the operation of the Microtopos and the organization of its activities.

25/11/09 Public meeting-Briefing about the Swine Flu

25/11/09 Public meeting-Briefing about the Swine Flu

On Wednesday 25/11/09 at 6.30pm there will be held at Micropolis a public meeting themed "The Swine Flu in a society that invests in Fear and consumes it".

Kleanthis Grivas (psychiatrist)

Stratis Plomaritis (dir. of the pathological clinic St. Paul)

Aleksandra Efthimiadou-Griva (special pathologist)

Organization: Antiauthoritarian Movement of Thessaloniki

23/11/09 Public assembly about December

The Antiauthoritarian Movement of Thessaloniki calls for a public assembly concerning our presence and action in the upcoming December, on Monday 23/11/09 at 8.00pm at Micropolis (Venizelou & Vas. Irakliou 18)