Presentation text about the Café at Micropolis

entertainment (diaskedasi): from the ancient skedasis (=dispersal,scatter)

This space, a part of the Social Space for Freedom Micropolis, in the entirety of its operation does not constitute a coffee-bar· it allows the meeting of people and not their consuming dispersal.

At the same time, this café contributes in the financial support of Micropolis – together with the contributions of individuals and collectives that participate in its administrative assembly.

Those who each time undertake the café’s operation are not professional and they are neither paid for this. We chose that there is no service (therefore, each one needs to self-service) and also not to “keep accounts” (therefore we request that the drinks are paid when they are received). We also consider that all those that coexist, be it temporarily, in this space, are equally responsible for keeping it clean and neat.

Often we prefer the music to play in low volume, in order to be able to discuss between us and to share our joy and (sometimes) our sorrows. Other times, feast claims its share… However, due to the fact that the next day always exists, we hope you comprehend our decision the space to close in 1:30 after midnight.

Thank you