Announcement about the events of 5/9 (after the TIF demontrations)

Thessaloniki. Saturday 5/9/2009

The city lives in the rythm of demonstrations… And reign of police…

Extraordinarily large groups of police motorcyclists stick around in the centre of the city. They terrorise and adduce 30 individuals. One of these gangs is paraded in the contribution of the streets Venizelou and Vas. Irakliou, where is found the Social Space for Freedom "Mikropolis". There they provoke and afterwards attack the people that come in and out of the building.

Machines of large cubism that dash on individuals, cast of chemicals (STUN GRENADE), policemen rush with the truncheons in their hands, and efforts of people grabbing without any reason or cause, can only be characterized as a gangster attack.

The people who were at "Mikropolis" answered dynamically and drove them back, cancelling their plans. At the same moment, on the 2nd floor of the building there was taking place a discussion at which were present syndicalists of the association of cleaners (PEKOP) and among them Elena Detseva, of K. Kouneva’s mother, who - like lots of others - faced respiratory problems caused by the chemicals.

By the way, it should be noted that a series of activities take place every day at "Mikropolis" on all of its 3 floors, and specifically on the 1st floor a space for children is found!

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