Presentation text for the Space for Children at Micropolis

This text is an attempt for the beginning of a dialogue; it does not replace direct communication; on the contrary, it aims at it. We want to create conditions that would encourage the expression and communication between two worlds: the children’s and the adults’. The way in which the children of today are being brought up reflects the society of the future, thus “we have no right to tell our children how to build their future, since we were proved inadequate to make our own present”1.

The idea for the creation of an independent space only for children resulted from the daily necessity of the parents and their children themselves. Later on, other people were interested to contribute in the creation of an environment, suitably made for children, which they will be able to use according to their own wishes. Of course, apart from the creative activities, another aim concerns the opening of an essential discussion around questions that deal with the education but also the life of the children in the familial environment.

With regard to the operation of the space, it begins with organized activities that will take place every Sunday (12.00 to 17.00), with a view to it is extended in the whole of the week, depending on particular availabilities. However, even daily, the space will be open for parents and children. Aim of this undertaking therefore, apart from the keep and the amusement of children, is also the creation of an atmosphere that would encourage the children’s independency, and that would also provide both children and parents with stimuli for initiatives and the creation of relations that respect everyone’s individuality.

The space for children constitutes an activity among others in the frames of the Social Space for Freedom-Micropolis; it does not cease however to be an autonomous space, where decisions are made by the people who participate in it, and the expenses are covered from the participants themselves.

Finally, let us wonder that if we don’t get interested with sincerity in the development and the autonomy of children, it will be like we have accepted a society without future, because “your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, and though they are with you yet they belong not to you…”2   

Administrative assembly of the space for children
1Wilhelm Reich: Children of the Future, 1984
2Khalil Gibran: On Children